10 August 20
Disinfecting Clear Plastic

How do you disinfect a clear plastic sheet?

Understandably, this has been a common question over the past several months as businesses and consumers seek to enhance the cleanliness of their facility, home and/or products. Clear plasti...

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14 July 20
Room Dividers & Single Panel Partitions

Warehouse Partitions and Office Dividers

Total Plastics has rolled out three new products to help support businesses in their continuing effort to rethink safety and create...

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20 March 20
Medical Faceshields

Clear Faceshields for Medical Professionals

Total Plastics stocks material, and provides cut-to-size services, ideal for faceshield applications for personnel protective equipment a...

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18 March 20
All TPI Locations Open

TPI Remains Open Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

All Total Plastics locations nationwide remain open this week. TPI...

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09 December 19
DIY Lightsabers

Make Your Own Star Wars Lightsaber

Every once and awhile a TPI sales trends will reveal a new trend in popular culture.

A few years ago we n...

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