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Macrolux® Multi-Wall Polycarbonate

August 15, 2012

TPI now stocking Twin, Five Wall product lines

KALAMAZOO — Total Plastics, Inc., is working with CO-EX Corporation to offer an exciting and versatile material to the transparent building materials market.

Macrolux Mult-Wall
Manufacturer: CO-EX Corp.
Stocking: Twin and Five Wall material
Markets: Architectural Glazing, Industrial Building, Horticultural
Applications: Skylights, walkways, windows, indoor swimming pools, greenhouses, insulated roofing
Contact: 800.866.8844 for more details or email
Product Page: Macrolux® Multi-Wall

Macrolux® Multi-Wall Polycarbonate panels, ideally suited for the horticultural, industrial building and architectural glazing markets, are perfect in applications where the material demands include high light transmission, thermal insulation, light in weight, design flexibility and high strength. Total Plastics currently stocks the Macrolux® Twin Wall and Five Wall lines.

“Simply put, this is a product line that’s easy to get excited about,” said Total Plastics Marketing Manager Zack Loeprich. “The versatile design applications for the Macrolux® make it suitable for so many markets and customers. CO-EX’s library of installation examples is a powerful sales tool and can provide immediate inspiration. Combining that with superior technical aspects (high light transmission, thermal insulation, fabrication capabilities, etc.) make Macrolux® a welcome addition to our glazing and construction product lines.”

This virtually unbreakable material is ideal for industrial building, used in various glazing applications such as skylights, walkways, insulated roofing and windows. With it’s ability to be cold formed into arches, Macrolux® offers architects true design freedom. Macrolux® has been used for indoor shopping centers, swimming pool coverings, indoor recreation areas, greenhouses and other enclosures.

Both the Twin Wall and Five Wall lines area available in clear, bronze and opal colors. Contact the factory for sheet size availability and pricing.

For more information on Macrolux®, visit Total Plastics’ website at or CO-EX Corporation at You can also contact TPI at 800-866-8844.