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Markerboard that will last

September 02, 2014

It seems appropriate that as school starts we turn our attention to a material that’s meant for schools of all levels, ACRYLITE® Markerboard. This is a new product offered by Total Plastics, Inc., manufactured by Evonik.

ACRYLITE® Markerboard, a dry erase board material, is offered in either glossy white or clear. ACRYLITE® Markerboard, an extruded acrylic sheet for marker board applications, is a high quality material with unsurpassed chemical and abrasion resistance. It cleans easily and maintains its durability for years of continued use. At 10 to 20 times more impact resistant than glass, it is a safer alternative for high-traffic areas while offering the same sophisticated appearance.

One of the critical factors that separates ACRYLITE® Markerboard from other products on the market is that it will not ghost and stain. Several brands of dry erase markers were tested on ACRYLITE® Markerboards and left to dry for 15 weeks. All were easily removed with light pressure. The following brands performed well and completely wiped away with no ghosting or smearing: EXPO® Standard, EXPO® Low Odor, CenterStage, and Marks-A-Lot®.

• Smooth, glossy appearance with no residual ghosting, smearing or staining for years of continued use
• Frameless design is economical, discreet and modern
• Unlimited design options
• Abrasion resistant coated on both sides for two-sided use
• Lightweight and safe for any area
• Alternative to conventional blackboard; no messy chalk