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Gateway to the Water

July 21, 2015

The boat that carries us into the industry

Zack Loeprich, Total Plastics Marketing Manager

We affectionately called it the Queen Mary.

I can trace my love of boating back to a 1974 Tri-Sonic model-boat that my dad and Uncle Harlan purchased in Kalamazoo in 1976. Myself, my brother and my cousins grew up on that boat. We spent our Michigan summers on it learning to fish, swim and waterski. It was our gateway to the water.

The biggest rush of our young lives was the first time dad gave us the ok to drive it. There was no greater joy than kneeling on that hot, brown leather seat, gripping the wooden steering wheel and slowly pushing that chrome throttle all the way down. With a perpetual smile radiating off our wind burned faces, we skipped along the open water at what felt like a 100 mph.

That boat was a part of the family and cared for thusly. For nearly 30 years it followed us everywhere. Somewhere along the way it picked up the nickname “The Queen Mary.” It was all the luxury we needed while walleye fishing in Canada, waterskiing on the Big Manistique, perch fishing on Lake Huron, or slowly cruising the shores of Gull Lake.

The Queen was home to a thousand memories.

Happily, another generation will experience those same kind of memories. In 2006, my dad and aunt gave the Queen Mary to a nice, young family that lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The Queen got some much needed mechanical repairs and some general TLC. To this day, it’s alive and well, running the waters of the Big Manistique in Curtis, MI.

Each of us has a boat from our past that carried us through nostalgic waters into the boatbuilding today. The Total Plastics Marine family is proud to partner with many of the industry’s leading manufacturers and to be a part of the process that will launch so many more memories.

King StarBoard Master Distributor

Perhaps Total Plastics’ greatest conduit into the industry is through the King StarBoard family of marine products. Considered the original marine-grade polymer sheet, King-brand materials, which include King StarBoard®, King StarBoard® XL, King StarBoard® AS, “King StarLite® XL:”/products/255, King StarBoard® ST and King ColorBoard®, are environmentally stabilized to withstand the harshest marine conditions. King StarBoard products are the brand experienced boatbuilders know and trust.

“We’ve enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with the King Plastic’s team and have the great future of being a master distributor of the King-brand products,” said Chris Brierly, product manager for Total Plastics Marine Division. “Their products carry well-earned reputation in this industry for its superior performance.”

King StarBoard products will not warp, rot or delaminate when exposed to humidity or water. Moreover, they are easy to fabricate with standard woodworking tools.

Full Catalog of Marine-Grade Materials

In addition to the King StarBoard-brand products, Total Plastics Marine Division offers a full catalog of water and weather resistant materials ideally suited for marine applications. We stock expanded PVC, clear and colored acrylic, composite board, tubing products, sealing and gasketing foams and tapes, acrylic mirror and so much more.

In 2013, Total Plastics Marine Division introduced Endurabond® into the market. A composite PVC structural board, Endurabond® offers superior structural support and outperforms competitive material in screw retention and adhesion. Additionally, Endurabond® minimizes tool wear and can be processed through CNC routers at a faster rate.

Another new and popular product in the marine catalog is NOVANITE®, a solid surface acrylic that has the appearance and feel of natural stone or granite. NOVANITE®, manufactured by Plastiglas de Mexico, is a perfect countertop material and is available in a variety of trendy colors and stone/granite textures. Recently added solid colors included magenta, ruby red, salmon, kiwi (dark green) and lima (lime green).