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Advanced Laser Machining Center

November 11, 2015

Total Plastics new laser cutting center performs multiple operations at once, producing precision parts with high quality edges on a variety of substrates.

Total Plastics has invested in a new, state-of-the-art laser cutting center, giving us in-house ability to rapidly produce quality parts on a large scale basis. Our new laser cutting center will cut, etch, engrave and produce high-quality edge finishes on a variety of materials including acrylic, acetal, ABS, polypropylene, polyester and different rubber substrates. With it’s large cutting surface and automated material loading/unloading system, this new cutting center handles large jobs quickly and efficiently.

Companies with parts that require multiple operations to produce (cutting, routing, drilling, edge finishing, etc.) could save money and time by utilizing this advanced laser cutting center.

Additional benefits include:
• In-house engineering team to assist with part design
• Rapid turnaround on prototyping jobs & part approval
• Improved total yield due to optimized part layout
• High quality edge finishing
• Clean cut parts & edges (no burrs)
• High level of positional accuracy & repeatability (within 5 microns)
• No delamination
• Holds fine contours
• Cuts various materials & thicknesses
• Material masking can remain on to protect part
• Fast turnaround even on large jobs
• No clamps or tensioning devices that may mar surface

You bred raptors?

With apologizes to Dr. Grant, we used the above model of a velociraptor to demonstrate several of the laser cutting center’s key attributes. Not only does is cut precision parts, within 5 microns, we can set up the part layout to better optimize total yield. This assembled model, which stands approximately 20” high by 30” long, was cut from a 15×22” sheet of acrylic. The high quality edge finishing done by the laser eliminates a secondary operation. Additional details could be added to this model through laser etching. Parts are also easily scalable.