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TPI Furniture Division at EDspaces

October 17, 2019

Material for educational facilities and furniture manufacturers

Total Plastics Furniture Division will once again be exhibiting at EDspaces in Milwaukee next week, Oct. 23-25, at the Wisconsin Center.

EDspaces is an event hosted by the Education Market Association (EDmarket), a trade organization for products serving the educational market. Through EDspaces, TPI has an opportunity to engage the educational facilities decision makers and introduce them to the wide-variety of materials we offer for their market. EDspaces reaches a diverse audience of manufacturers and designers who build and outfit today’s classroom and training environments.

Featured at TPI’s booth (No. 219 on the floorplan) will be a variety of whiteboard/markerboard products. Developed with our manufacturing partner Roehm, TPI’s acrylic markerboards are non-porous and will not stain over time nor due to heavy use.

“To say ‘whiteboard’ is often being generous, as so many of them are stained after even a short period of use,” said Zack Loeprich, TPI marketing manager. “The advantage of our whiteboards is that they stay white. Yesterday’s history lesson is truly that, history. No trace of it.”

Even items written on TPI’s markerboard and left for days, weeks or even months, will wipe away completely clean.

“It’s called ‘ghosting,’” Loeprich said. “When you erase, or clean, a whiteboard but you can still see the faded remains of what was written. With our product, there is no ghosting.”

Also featured at TPI’s booth will be felt board, often in a variety of different colors.

“Open concept work and learning environments are a big thing right now,” Loeprich said. “However, privacy is still needed from time-to-time and our felt board, manufactured by 3form, is a great solution for smaller, partially closed off spaces.”

Manufacturers use the lightweight material to build partitions and enclosures where individuals can find privacy and quiet. The sound deadening substrate, made from 50% post consumer recycled material, is also ideal to help control noise levels in busy conference rooms and common areas as wall panels and ceiling tiles.

“That’s the balancing act with these open concepts environments and our felt boards help designers achieve it,” Loeprich said. “You want to encourage an atmosphere of employee collaboration and engagement, while at the same time providing a productive work space free from constant distraction due to noise.”

Beyond functioning just as a wall, employees can also tack paper into the boards. Felt boards are also available with a lightweight metal substrate, making it magnetic receptive as well.