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Superior Whiteboard Technology

October 28, 2019

Total Plastics offers an unrivaled whiteboard product that can match any office, school or home decor. Its primary advantage is that it’ll never ghost or stain. Customers can also order whiteboard in frosted, colored or clear varieties, giving them endless design advantages.

Advantages of ACRYLITE-brand whiteboard offered by Total Plastics:

  • No Ghosting: ACRYLITE’s superior coating technology ensures that the whiteboard will stay just that, white. No ghosting or staining, regardless of the amount of use or length of time marker stays on the board.

  • Scratch Resistant: Another advantage of ACRYLITE’s coating technology is that it provides a high level of scratch resistance, making it perfect for elementary classrooms or high traffic areas.

  • Magnetic Whiteboard: Adding even more versatility to the product, TPI offers it with a magnetic receptive backing

  • Lightweight: ACRYLITE whiteboard are made from acrylic and are half the weight of glass.

  • Easy to Fabricate: Acrylic can be cut-to-size or shape, and easily mounted to wall or tabletop surfaces.

  • One Material: Many competitor whiteboards have multiple layers such as porcelain, metal and fiberboard. Multiple materials and manufacturing processes add cost. TPI whiteboard is one extruded sheet, the size of which can be adjusted based on need.

  • No Frame Needed: Unlike other whiteboard products on the market, TPI acrylic whiteboard does not require a frame. Edges can be rounded to remove any burrs or sharp angles.

  • Shatter Resistant: The danger of using glass whiteboard is the potential for breaking or shatter, sending out danger shards into the room. Acrylic whiteboard will not shatter. If dropped, acrylic whiteboard may crack.

  • Colored, Clear & Frosted Acrylic Whiteboard: ACRYLITE’s coating technology is commonly applied to white acrylic, making a market-standard whiteboard. However, this same coating technology can be applied to colored acrylic sheets, frosted acrylic sheets and even clear acrylic sheets. This allows you to match existing room decor and branding colors.

  • Digital Print Whiteboard: ACRYLITE’s digital print acrylic sheets have enhanced adhesion properties for UV curable links on one side and it’s proprietary whiteboard coating technology on the other. This allows customers to create a more versatile and interactive product such as menu boards detailing daily restaurant specials, household calendars, country and state maps in the classroom, weekly work schedules, household to-do and grocery lists, and daily metric/quality reporting on the manufacturing floor.

  • If you’re interested in TPI’s whiteboard, just simply email