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New Life for Old Polycarbonate

May 26, 2009

Green-Tek, Inc. has announced a new Polycarbonate Recycling program for its customers. For the first time ever in the industry, Multiwall Polycarbonate Users, (typically greenhouse growers, plastic distributors and architectural customers) can return their years old material back to Green-Tek when they purchase new sheets.

Historically, polycarbonate receives a Recycling #7, or �other,� meaning that it is not recycled. Green-Tek utilized an �out of the crate� solution, replacing the OSB wooden sides of its crates with aged, used polycarbonate sheets; some over 20 years old. The Return Program has been operating quietly since last year on a trial basis. The company is now ready to promote all of its benefits, and the quantities involved to date have been substantial.

�Our new Recycled Polycarbonate Crates are a totally new, creative way that we are diverting old plastic sheets from landfills. Furthermore, we are sparing tons and tons of trees from being chipped up into OSB,� said Paul Jacobson, Green-Tek President.

Although based in Wisconsin, the company has already received old sheets from as far away as Colorado, as well as various points around the midwest. Customers should contact their Green-Tek distributor for more information.

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