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King Plastic Makes King PipeGrade® PE 100 Standard

January 26, 2010

King PipeGrade® PE 100 material compliant to ASTM 4710 will now be a standard material

NORTH PORT, Fla., January 22, 2010 – KING Plastic does it again! Once again King Plastic Corporation emerges as an industry leader by offering King PipeGrade® PE 100 material compliant to ASTM 4710 as a standard material.

ASTM 4710-PE 100 materials are available in sheet, slab, and custom shape sizes in order to meet all your requirements.

Standard gauge and standard sheet sizes include 1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, and 1-1/2” available in both 48” x 96” and 60” x 120” sheet sizes.

Custom inquiries are welcome. We will do our best to provide a solution with modest volume and minimum production set up requirements.

ASTM 4710 PE100 resin is completely compatible and 100% interchangeable for use in applications that presently use ASTM 3608 (formally ASTM 3408) PE 80 material. Advantages of this material include improvement of Stress Crack Resistance and increasing of the Hydrostatic Design Basis to support requirements of higher pressure rating specifications.

About King Plastic Corporation Founded in 1968, King Plastic Corporation is a leading manufacturer of quality polymer sheets, slabs and massive shapes—including several products pioneered by the company. Its polymers are sold worldwide through a network of top distributors to customers who fabricate products for the marine industry, signage, food service, neutron shielding, construction, industrial, woodworking and other applications. The company headquarters and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility are located in North Port, Florida. Visit for more information or call a member of our knowledgeable sales team at (941) 493-5502 for additional information or assistance.