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Plastic and the Enviornment

July 26, 2010

Many people find it surprising that plastics can be the most environmentally friendly choice, but it’s something IAPD members have known for years.

The plastics industry is committed to contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable world. People concerned with protecting the environment should know that plastics contribute to energy efficiency, resource conservation and waste reduction.

Plastics and energy efficiency Can plastics actually save energy? Yes. And they use less energy than you might think. The raw materials that go into the production of plastics account for only 1.5 percent of total U.S. energy consumption. In addition, it often takes less energy to convert plastics from a raw material into a finished product than comparable products made of other materials.

Following are some fast facts on plastics and energy:

Plastics in the waste stream

Following are some fast facts on plastics in the waste stream:

SPI advocates continuous innovation and improvement in applying sustainability principles in the manufacturing, distribution, use and disposition of plastic materials. You can get further facts to debunk some myths you may have heard about plastics and the environment by visiting SPI’s web site at Join the cause and protect the continued and further use of plastics in many applications.

The Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc., provided this information for publication in the December 2008/January 2009 issue of The IAPD Magazine.