ACRYLITE® Spectator Protection Acrylic




ACRYLITE® spectator protection acrylic (RinkShield) is the new standard in spectator shielding. The only Acrylic engineered to meet ASTM and NHL regulations. ACRYLITE® spectator protection sheet holds up to puck and player impacts, provides greater flexibility than tempered glass, clearer viewing for fans and easier, quicker changeover operations for facilities.

ACRYLITE® spectator protection outperforms professional hockey deflection benchmarks for spectator shielding. A three-fold reduction in reaction forces over tempered glass significantly reduces the effect of impact on players and the possibility of injury.

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• Safer, stronger, more flexible and easier to maintain than tempered glass
• Half the weight of glass, making it easier to install and remove in multi-purpose arenas
• Only cast acrylic sheet engineered to meet ASTM and NHL regulations
• Widely used throughout NCAA and NHL hockey arenas
• Outstanding optical clarity
• 30-year limited warranty on light transmission
• Easily sawed, machined, thermoformed and cemented
• Excellent weather resistance


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