Parabolic Louvers


Metalized Finish. Call TPI for Black and White.


Parabolic louvers from American Louver Company improve
the quality of lighting by:

• Eliminating glare
• Rendering more precise light distribution
• Providing better contrast and image definition
• Enhancing color rendition of merchandised products
• Shielding lamps from direct view
• Reducing luminaire surface brightness for maximum visual comfort



ALP Hexabolic 2 Data Sheet
Aluminum (Shallow, Standard, Deep Cell, Par-Alum) Data Sheet
Para-Lite 1 Data Sheet
Para-Lite 2 Data Sheet
Para-Lite 3 Data Sheet
Para-Lite 4 Data Sheet
Para-Lite 5 Data Sheet
Para-Cube 1 ESP Data Sheet
Para-Cube 1 HEF Data Sheet
Para-Cube 1 VDT Data Sheet
Para-Cube 2 ESP Data Sheet
Para-Cube 2 Data Sheet
Para-Cube 3 Data Sheet
Vinyl Louver Data Sheet
Facilities and Maintenance Brochure