TYGON® Plasticizer Free Tubing 2001




Tygon® Plasticizer Free Tubing is a uniquely engineered product that offers the low compression set properties of a thermoset rubber. Tygon® Plasticizer Free Tubing provides the most flexibility, highest temperature resistance and longest pump life available in a clear, plasticizer / oil free tubing. It is ideal for a broad range of applications including peristaltic pump applications, soap and detergent dispensing, water purification lines, food contact applications and chemical transfer. This uniquely engineered tubing will not embrittle or crack prematurely like other tubings that contain plasticizer or extender oils, benefiting the user with less downtime and tubing changes.

Note: This product is environmentally friendly because it contains no plasticizers and only releases carbon dioxide and water when properly incinerated.



Tygon® 2001 Plasticizer Free Tubing Data Sheet
Food Processing & Packaging Brochure

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