SUMITUBE® A4 - Commercial Grade Flexible Polyolefin


Available in Many Opaque/Glossy Colors. Clear also Available.


Sumitube® A4 is a lightweight, flexible, heat-shrinkable, polyolefin tubing which has excellent weather (UV) resistance with good electrical properties and chemical resistance. Sumitube® A4 is available in many opaque glossy colors that are not affected by the color of the substrate. High clarity clear tubing is also available. Shrink temperature is 115 °C, storage life is definite. The operating temperature range is -55 °C to +105 °C. Sumitube® A4 is recommended for general purpose applications such as handle covering, radio antennas, insulating wire terminations, and light handle wire bundling.



A4 – Mil spec Data Sheet

Available Sizes