King StarLite® XL: Lightweight Marine-Grade Cellular Utility Sheet


Utility Black, Utility Gray and Utility White


King StarBoard® XL is a lighter, more economical version of the popular King StarBoard®.

King StarLite® XL is an economical cellular (closed cell) utility sheet made from select high-grade King StarBoard® recycled polymer material. It is ideal for boat parts, as an upholstery substrate and in other behind-the-scenes applications where edges aren’t visible.

King StarLite® XL is up to 30% lighter in weight than King StarBoard® and it offers the same quality textured surface on both sides.

King StarLite® XL is upgradable to King MicroShield® with an exclusive antimicrobial additive, the latest technology for protecting the product surface against stain and odor causing bacteria, algae and fungi.



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