Cast urethane products are well known for their extraordinary toughness and durability. In their most demanding applications, they outlast conventional rubbers and plastics by a factor of 20 to 1. Urethane will usually outlast carbon steel when forced abrasion is applied. Cast from thermosetting urethane resins, urethane products are produced to very close tolerances and typically require minimal machining to adapt to their end uses. Precision cast products are available in several shapes. Sheets are both unsupported and fabric backed.

Polyurethane tubing is available in both a polyether and polyester base. Both options are plastizer free so migration is not a problem. The polyether base is resistant to hydrolysis, fungus and weathering. Polyester is resistant to oil solvents and grease and offers better abrasion resistance. Both meet FDA requirements. Urethane tubing offers high tensile strength and low temperature flexibility.

STANDARD DUROMETER: 60 Shore A, 75 Shore A, 85 Shore A, 95 Shore A.
60 Shore D and 75 Shore D available at 15% surcharge.




Polyurethane Properties Table

Available Sizes