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Teflon®, a fluorocarbon, performs very well in a wide variety of applications, ranging from high temperature and chemical environments to areas requiring high purity and inertness. Teflon® is available in both “unfilled” and “filled” formulations. Compounds are added to Teflon® for a variety of reasons, including improving its wear resistance, reducing creep and initial deformation, and increasing stiffness or adding conductivity. Hardness is increased with certain fillers and the coefficient of thermal expansion may be decreased. Therefore, various filled compounds of fluoropolymers (Teflon®) are available and make it possible to gain the advantages of Teflon® in applications where the unfilled resin is not desirable. Call your Total Plastics specialist to discuss your particular application. Note: Fluorocarbons must be etched by chemical processing to achieve bondability and are available as a custom order.

Teflon® TFE features many unique and useful characteristics. If your temperature requirements range up to 500° F, Teflon® TFE is a superior choice. It is resistant to virtually all corrosive chemicals. Its dielectric properties favor it for electronic and electrical service.


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