PTFE FEP has excellent chemical, thermal and electrical stability. It retains a high percentage of its useful properties from cryogenic to elevated temperatures -348 °F to 392 °F. PTFE FEP has excellent resistance to almost all chemicals and retains its mechanical properties even after long term exposure. It has the lowest critical surface energy of all plastics, which makes it an excellent water and oil repellent for non-stick and mold release use. PTFE FEP has an extremely low dielectric constant and dissipation factor and has excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight and weather. It also has the lowest refractive index of all plastics. It will not burn in a normal atmosphere. Typical applications for PTFE FEP include electronic bobbins, piping material for high temperature use, tubing for heat exchangers, chemical equipment parts, spring actuated seals, gaskets, packing, valves, level switches, heat shrink roll covers and tubing.

PTFE FEP transparent tubing is excellent for acids (all concentrations), aliphatic alcohols, aldehydes, bases, esters, hydrocarbons (aliphatic, aromatic and halogenated) ketones and strong oxidizing agents. Can be cleaned in boiling nitric acid for high-purity analysis. Do not sterilize with radiation. The working temperature range is -75 °C to 205 °C.


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