Chemfluor® Seamless FEP and PFA Roll Covers


Rollers are an integral element of the manufacturing equipment in paper mills, printing firms and a number of other high-volume industrial environments. Roll covers protect rollers, helping to maximize productivity while reducing maintenance-related downtime.

Saint-Gobain Seamless FEP and PFA Roll Covers are easy to install, thanks to strong hoop stress and shrink properties. They deliver best-in-class corrosion protection, process yield and release properties, with a non-stick surface treatment that dramatically decreases material build-up and helps reduce maintenance requirements.

Seamless roll covers are available in diameters up to 26”. Larger roll covers from other manufacturers are made from a single piece of material that is formed around the roller and welded together along a seam, which can fail under heavy usage conditions and interrupts the smooth surface of the cover. The consistently smooth surface of seamless covers leaves no marks, and seamless construction provides outstanding resistance to stress cracks and bond failure, even after thousands of hours of use in harsh manufacturing environments.



Chemfluor® Seamless FEP and PFA Roll Covers Brochure

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