Vespel® is a sophisticated high performance plastic that performs over a wide range of temperatures and stresses. Parts made from Vespel® provide a unique combination of the physical properties of plastics, metals and ceramics. It performs well with or without lubrication in various applications. Vespel® resists wear and fights creep, allowing it to operate in many metal applications.

SP1 The unfilled base resin provides maximum physical strength elongation, toughness and the best electrical and thermal insulation.

SP3 15% by weight molybdenum disulphide added to provide lubrication for seals and bearings in vacuum or dry environments.

SP21 15% by weight graphite filler added to provide low wear and friction for bearings, thrust washers and dynamic seals.

SP22 40% by weight graphite filler added, this provides the same properties as SP21 for wear and friction plus improved dimensional stability. SP22 has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion of all grades.

SP211 15% by weight graphite and 10% by weight PTFE fluorocarbon resin added. SP221 has the lowest coefficient of friction over a wide range of operating conditions. It also has the lowest wear rate of up to 300 °F.

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