POMALUX® (Acetal Copolymer) Medical Grade


Black, Brown, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Grey, Light Blue, Light Green, Red, Rust and Yellow. Custom Colors Available, Call TPI for Details.


Medical grade Pomalux is made from acetal copolymer resin which allows machined products the ability to retain dimensional integrity, maintain stability in water and most chemicals at elevated temperatures.

Pomalux products are opaque and are available in a wide array of standard colors as well as on a custom basis. Recommended sterilization techniques for Pomalux include EtO gas and steam autoclaving. Disinfectants and germicides generally have no effect on Pomalux, however, acidic solutions can degrade the polymer.

Westlake Plastics Company manufactures all acetal extruded & compression molded sheets, plates and rods in accordance to ASTM D6100. This specification covers requirement and test methods for the material, dimensions, workmanship and the properties of extruded and compression molded sheets, plates and rods.



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Pomalux® Acetal Copolymer Product Data Sheet

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