STRIP-N-STICK® Silicone Tape


100S, 200A: Orange-Tan
300AR: Blue-Grey
440S: Light Grey
440A: Light Grey
512AF: Grey


Strip-N-Stick® tape provides all the benefits of silicone rubber in an easy-to-apply pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. Compressive and flexible, it can conform to irregular surfaces, wrap over cylinders, or be formed to produce right angles. Applications include gasketing, vibration dampening, and thermal insulation. Strip-N-Stick® is available in six standard configurations:

100S is a silicone sponge with a high temperature silicone adhesive.
200A is a silicone sponge with an aggressive acrylic adhesive.
300AR is reinforced silicone sponge with an aggresssive acrylic adhesive. Its unique construction provides the compressibility of sponge and the dimensional stability of fiberglass reinforcement. Stretch is eliminated, which contributes to the consistent size and shape of cut parts and inhibits outward movement under high pressure.
440S is a 1/32” thick Shore A 30 durometer silicone solid with a high temperature silicon adhesive.
440A combines the properties of 440S, except with a high-adhesion acrylic adhesive.
512AF uses UL94V-O silicone foam along with film-supported acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, which keeps the foam from stretching while being applied.

Available Sizes