THERMALBOND® V2100 / T-BOND II® V2200 Series for Glazing




Thermalbond® V2100 Series offer the highest performance for both shop and field applications. T-Bond II® V2200 Series tapes are for 2-sided silicone glazing or shop glazed 4-sided systems. Thermalbond® polyurethane structural glazing spacer tape is the most widely specified and used spacer for structural silicone systems. In addition to holding the glass or cladding at a predetermined distance from the substrate for proper silicone joint design, they also offer a number of benefits, including compatibility with a vast array of silicone sealants, a special adhesive surface, and thermal resistance. Contact us for a complete list of compatible silicones. Minimums apply, call for details.


Thermalbond® V2100
T-Bond II® V2200

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