NORSEAL® Closed Cell Sealing & Gasketing Tapes


Black, Grey and White (depending on the series and configuration)


Norseal® is a closed-cell, compressible PVC foam with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Norseal® tapes protect against water, dirt and air infiltration even under the most demanding applications. Norseal® resists weathering, UV oxidation, mildew and fungus. Due to its cellular elastomeric nature, Norseal® adjusts to thermal movement of structural elements without leaking. Norseal® is easily die-cut and fabricated for use in a wide array of applications. Note: Minimum orders apply, call for details.

SOFT Soft foam to seal thin-gauge materials, irregular surfaces, and to provide an accoustical barrier.

MEDIUM Multi-purpose foam ideal for light, air and moisture seals. Also available in UL recognized version.

FIRM High density foam that’s excellent for use in vibration dampening.


Norseal® V730 PVC
Norseal® V740 PVC
Norseal® V740 FR PVC
Norseal® V710 Anti-Swirl PVC
Norseal® V760 PVC
Norseal® V770 PVC
Norseal® V780 PVC
Norseal® V820 PVC
Norseal® V790 Log Home Foam

Available Sizes