TECAPEEK™ CF30/XP98 (30% Carbon Filled PEEK®)




Tecapeek™ CF 30 is a 30% carbon fiber reinforced semi-crystalline, high performance, machinable thermoplastic for extremely demanding applications. Tecapeek™ CF30 has excellent creep resistance, good chemical resistance, is hydrolysis resistant and flame retardant UL94 V-0. Tecapeek™ CF30 is very rigid and strong with good wear resistance. It is also biocompliant to the requirements of ISO 10993 for less than 24 hours of contact. Tecapeek™ CF30 is used in targeting guides, fixation systems and retractor blades.

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TECAPEEK™ CF30/XP98 Data Sheet
XP-98 Medical Compression Molded PEEK
XP-98 Compression Molded PEEK