Medical Grade RADEL® R5500 Polyphenylsulfone


Bone White (NT-15), Black, Blue, Grey, Green, Brown, Rust, Red and Yellow.
Custom Colors Available, Call for Details.


Medical grade Radel® R5500 resin offers exceptional hydrolytic stability, toughness, and superior impact strength over a wide temperature range. This product also offers high deflection temperatures and outstanding resistance to environmental stress cracking.

Recommended sterilization techniques for Radel® R5500 include EtO gas, radiation, steam autoclaving, dry heat and cold sterilization. It is lot controlled and traceable and markable. The resin meets the requirements of USP Class VI specifications. Radel® R5500 is used in provisional trials, instrument handles and medical device components.



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Radel® R Polyphenylsulfone Date Sheet

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