TECASON™ P MT Polyphenylsulfone (Radel®)


Bone White (NT-15), Black, Blue, Grey, Green, Brown, Rust, Red and Yellow.
Custom Colors Available, Call for Details.


Tecason™ P MT is a mechanical grade plastic with exceptional resistance to the common sterilization techniques, giving added safety in medical applications. The material also possesses high thermal resistance, excellent mechanical properties and toughness. The bright color choices make it easy to distinguish between different instruments and sizes. Tecason™ P MT shapes are tested and certified to ISO 10993 and USP Class VI for devices intended for body contact for less than 24 hours. All colors are tested for cytotoxity as defined in ISO 10993. Tecason™ P MT is also available in a radio opaque version, Tecason™ P XRO. Tecason™ P MT is ideal for repeated use items with excellent autoclaving performance such as instrument handles, sizing trials and sterilization trays.

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TECASON™ P MT Data Sheet
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