Spartech Polycast MP 1.25


Tints available


Spartech Polycast MP 1.25 is one of the thinnest and lightest bullet resisting products offered by the manufacturer. The material is UL 752 Level I certified to protect against ballistic attack from medium-power handgun such as the 9mm and Super 38 automatic – any handgun with a muzzle energy of 380 to 460 foot pounds. It is offered with and without Polycast SAR (Super Abrasion-Resistant coating), which makes the material 45 times more resistant to abrasion versus uncoated acrylic.

About UL Certification

Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) is a global leader in testing and certifying materials. UL 752 rates ballistic-resistant material in 9 levels, defining “bullet-resisting” as: “Protection is provided against complete penetration, passage of fragments of projectiles, or spalling (fragmentation) of the protective material to the degree that injury would be caused to a person standing directly behind the bullet-resisting barrier.”



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Spartech Polycast MP
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