Lexan™ Transportation & Rail Sheet (FRA25C)


Clear, grey, bronze, green.


Virtually unbreakable Lexan sheet, complete with Margard abrasion resistant coatings, offer water-clear transparency, light weight, and a broad range of tinting, decorative, and forming options. Glass laminated sheet in particular answers a broad range of rail needs. For high optical quality applications, extruded Lexan* Margard sheet has one of the tightest measurable specification with regard to black specs, inclusions, bubbles, lints & fibers, distortion and ripple. Designed for dual-glazed rail applications meeting US Federal Rail Authority Type I and II ratings.



Lexan Solid Sheet Portfolio
Lexan Coated & Uncoated Sheet Technical Manual
Lexan Margard Brochure
Lexan FRA25C Datasheet

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