Lexan™ High Optical Quality (ULG1003)




Produced in a clean room environment, Lexan™ High Optical Quality sheet products meet the toughest standards when it comes to black specks, bubbles, lints and fibers, distortion and ripple. That’s why SABIC has been a key supplier to the optical and lamination industries for many years.


POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS: Lamination applications Symmetrical security glazing panels High-quality optical glazing that can be coated Visors and face shields Jet fighter canopies Motorcycle windshields

KEY BENEFITS: High-quality optical sheet Complies with DIN 52305-A-AZ test High impact strength Lightweight Spall protection Formable, easy fabrication * Coating ability


Lexan Solid Sheet Portfolio
Lexan 9030 & 9030 TG Datasheet
Lexan 9034 Datasheet
Lexan Coated & Uncoated Sheet Technical Manual
Lexan Architectural Brochure
Lexan Margard Brochure

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