Lexan™ UV Protected Sign Material (SGC100 & SGC10AD)


Lexan™ Solar Grade Coextruded sheet for sign manufacturing combines the impact strength of LEXAN polycarbonate sheet with a proprietary UV-resistant cap layer that provides long-term protection against weathering.

Lexan™ sheet is backed by 10-year limited written warranty against yellowing, loss of light transmission and breakage. Providing long-lasting clarity over a wide range of environments, Lexan™ sheet offers extended service life and reduced life-cycle material costs. It is an excellent candidate for all types of thermoformed or flat signs, whether screen printed, painted, or decorated with vinyl graphics.


Potential Applications:


Lexan Solid Sheet Portfolio
Lexan Coated & Uncoated Sheet Technical Manual
Lexan Sign Material Brochure
Lexan SGC100 Datasheet

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