Lexan™ Aerospace (XHR6000 Series)


Opaque – More than 250 colors available


High performance Lexan™ XHR Series sheet is specifically designed for aircraft interiors that can reduce weight by up to 12% vs. traditional PVC/PMMA products to conserve fuel and lower emissions; meet tough flame, smoke, toxicity and heat release regulations; reduce overall system costs; and enhance the aesthetics, safety and comfort of the cabin environment.


Potential Applications:
Compliance with FST requirements (FAR25853):
  • Vertical burn test – FAR 25.853 (a) Appendix F Part I
  • Heat release (OSU65/65) – FAR 25.853 (d) Appendix F Part IV
  • Smoke density FAR 25.853 (d) Appendix F Part V
  • Toxicity requirements of AIRBUS ABD0031 and BOEING BSS7239
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