Ultem™ Sheet (1668A)


Opaque-extensive color options available


Developed for us in interior aircraft components, Ultem™ 1668A sheet is an inherently flame resistant material with low smoke emission. It meets all current commercial aircraft interior requirements, including OSU heat-release rate below 65/65, FAA smoke and flammability test, and FRA vertical burn criteria and complies with toxicity standards BSS7239 and ABD0031.

Ultem 1668A sheet also offers aircraft OEMs exceptional impact and heat resistance, modulus and chemical resistance in combination with lightweight, exceptional strength and good surface aesthetics. The product can be thermoformed,
pressure formed, twin sheet formed or used in flat or cold-formed applications. Paintable and/or available from SABIC Innovative Plastics in a range of colors, Ultem 1668A sheet is finding use in an array of interior aircraft applications, such as passenger service units, seating and flight deck components, galleys, stow bins and sidewalls.



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