TYGON S3 B-44-4X I.B.




Tygon S3™ B-44-4X I.B. Pressure Tubing’s unique flexibility gets it into service quickly and easily. This means less tubing footage, fittings and labor than required for rigid systems. Reinforced with a tough polyester inner-braid imbedded in the wall, it can handle four times the pressure of non-reinforced tubing.


Tygon S3™ B-44-4X I.B. Pressure Tubing is compatible with virtually all non-solvent chemicals, meeting the needs of many industries in hundreds of applications where flexibility and higher pressure are required. Its clear wall permits positive flow monitoring and inspection.

The smooth inner bore of Tygon S3™ B-44-4X I.B. Pressure Tubing (smoother than virtually all stainless steel) will not trap bacteria-harboring particles, making it ideal for food and beverage use. It is non-toxic, odorless, taste-free and exhibits outstanding resistance to the alkaline cleaners used in this industry.



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TYGON S3 B-44-4X I.B. Product Data Sheet