Sola PET Felt Board


Ruby, Aries, Citrine, Cashmere, Burnt Umber, Hunter, Oxford, Admiral, Moon, Zinc, Nickel, Armor


3form Sola Felt is made using our PET technology and 50% post-consumer recycled PET. Sola Felt is designed to
be attractive, environmentally sound, and embedded with acoustic properties.

Our expertise in Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) grew from a desire to create high-design solutions, without sacrificing performance and sustainability. PET, commonly found in water bottles, is recycled into pellets that are then extruded into thin, soft fibers. Layers of these fibers are then pressed together to create a sheet of sound absorbing Sola Felt. Absorptive materials soften reverberation and dampen sound energy in a space. Absorption is ideal for loud conference rooms or open spaces where people congregate.


• 15 color options
• Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of up to 1.10
• Cost-effective decorative feature
• Easy to specify
• Easy to install