Industrial Partition


Gray aluminum
Clear polycarbonate


The manufacturing and assembly areas are often in a constant state of fluctuation as employees move from one workstation to another. This continually movement makes static barriers, used to support social distancing, impractical and ineffective. The use of a face mask or face shield can help the social distancing cause, but can also be uncomfortable during the warm summer months in work environments that are not temperature controlled. Total Plastics has developed a single panel industrial partition, a simple, portable, low profile and safe solution to support employee safety during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Constructed with an aluminum frame and clear polycarbonate panel, our industrial panels are lightweight and easy to move around from one work area to another. Equipped with locking casters, the partition will also stay in one place. Total size of the frame is 36×80 inches, with casters it’s 82 inches tall.


• 36×80 inch lightweight frame with 2-inch locking casters
• Polycarbonate is clear like glass and virtually unbreakable, making it perfect for work areas where debris is common.
• Lightweight and easy for one employee to roll partition into place and lock the casters to prevent movement.
• Clear panel will not obstruct lines of sight.
• Easy to store when not in use
• Opaque panel options for privacy


Industrial Partition Product Flyer