Drum Shields

Total Plastics supplies clear acrylic and polycarbonate sheets that are commonly used to construct sound baffling, sound deadening and/or sound control in drum shield or drum enclosure applications. Clear acrylic and polycarbonate panels can be used to construct other sound-proof booths and enclosures. TPI offers cut-to-size, rout-to-size, rout-to-shape and edge finishing services to help individuals in the fabrication process. In addition, TPI offers living hinges to connect the acrylic or polycarbonate panels. Drum enclosures made from acrylic are more scratch resistant than polycarbonate and display a more brilliant final finish. Assorted colors are also available to match stage designs and branding. Polycarbonate drum shields are extremely durable and perfect for transporting from show-to-show. Polycarbonate will not shatter and will hold up over time.