Ballistic & Security Grade Material

Certified Bullet Resistant Materials

Taking proper security measures helps businesses protect their most valuable assets including employees, customers, products, physical location and reputation. It’s imperative for businesses to accomplish a highlevel of security without compromising customer service, the business’ ability to promote and market products, the overall look of the store, or an employee’s ability to efficiently and effectively go about their day’s tasks.

Bullet resistant material and security barriers have proven to be some of the most effective deterrents against criminal activity. These protective barriers safeguard the lives of employees during robberies, attempted assaults or other violent crimes. These low profile barriers also protect other valuable business assets without interfering with day-to-day business activities.

Total Plastics is a leading distributor and solutions provider for ballistic and security-grade plastics. We offer an extensive line of bullet resistant material, security barriers and fabricated security parts, all of which help safeguard your business' most important assets.

Total Plastics material is produced by the most trusted manufactures. Bullet resistant material is UL tested and certified.


• Banks and various financial institutions
• Convenience Stores and retail businesses
• Taxi Cabs and other forms of public transit
• Pharmacies and pharmaceutical drug providers
• Prisons and other detention-style facilities
• Police officers and security occupations
• Embassies and government installations
• Airport and security check points
• Schools and institutions of learning
• Ticket windows and other cash exchange locations

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