ACRIFIX® Specialty Bonding Agents


As a stocking distributor of ACRYLITE-brand acrylic product, Total Plastics also carries Evonik’s specialty bonding agents specially formulated for ACRYLITE products. ACRIFIX® Specialty Bonding Agents and auxiliaries offer the ideal solution for every application, always providing a perfect bond between ACRYLITE® as well as other grades of acrylic and materials.

ACRIFIX® cements were developed as high performance products for bonding extruded or cast acrylic (PMMA), preferably ACRYLITE® products, to itself as well as to other materials.

• Perfect combination of speed, quality and bonding strength
• Specially formulated for ACRYLITE® brand products, as well as other acrylics and materials
• Cement formulated for a wide range of uses and applications
• Varying set-up times, from 5 seconds to 1 hour
• Bonding strength tested up to 7520 PSI
• Will not cause crazing or blushing
• Virtually colorless, bubble-free varieties
• Gap filling cements available
• Weather resistant grades available