ACRYLITE® Cast Acrylic


ACRYLITE® cast (GP) acrylic is made to exacting standards, offering excellent optical characteristics, light stability and low internal stress levels for consistent performance. ACRYLITE® cast acrylic is available in a wide range of standard sizes and thicknesses, in colors and colorless and low minimum order quantities.

Clear, White, Yellow, Ivory, Amber, Orange, Red, Blue, Glass Green, Green, Bronze, Black

* Impact resistant (meets ANSI standard for safety glazing)
* Half the weight of glass
* Easily machined and fabricated
* Highly weather resistance
* 30-year limited warranty on light transmission
* Excellent chemical resistance
* Also available in a wide range of color
* ACRIFIX bonding and cleaning product specifically developed for ACYRLITE brand materials & acrylic products