ACRYLITE® Resist High Impact Wave Profile Acrylic


ACRYLITE® Resist high impact wave profile acrylic diffuses light in an optimum manner and reflects the heat of the sun. It is perfect for conservatories, patios, domestic greenhouses, carports, windscreens and balcony parapets. Guaranteed weather resistant, the iridescent coating gives a highly attractive, reddish-purple surface sheen.

• Patio Covers
• Carports
• Porches
• Verandas
• Façades
• Windbreaks
• Canopies
• Lighting Panels
• Decorative Panels

Clear, Clear Textured, Clear Prismatic, White, Sunglass Grey, Bronze Textured, Bronze Prismatic

• Extremely UV-resistant, with a 30-year guarantee against yellowing.
• Offer excellent protection against harmful UV radiation.
• Safe and easy to handle.
• Guaranteed to be resistant for 10 years to hailstones with a kinetic energy of 1 joule.
• Much thicker than many other corrugated sheets and therefore offer high inherent rigidity and loadbearing capacity resulting in much less deflection under snow load, making them safer and more attractive.
• Excellent light transmission and brilliance.
• Distinct, stylish appearance.
• Quick and easy to fabricate and install using simple tools. Can be point fastened. Special weather seal calottes and fasteners available.
• They are available in clear smooth, clear textured, clear
prismatic, grey smooth, bronze textured, bronze prismatic and white. Also available in ACRYLITE® Heatstop.

Sheet Sizes: 41″ x 98″
Thicknesses: .118″