ACRYLITE® Satinice Velvet Texture Acrylic


ACRYLITE® Satinice velvet texture acrylic (P95) offers transparent clarity when in direct contact with objects. Ideal for signs and displays, its one-sided matte finish reduces reflected light.

Note: P95 is a one-sided matte finish. DP9 offers a two-sided finish.

* Decorative glazing
* Partitions, shelves & furniture
* Point of Purchase & retail displays
* Exhibit booths
* Wall paneling in architectural applications
* Lamps and skylights
* Luminaires or lighting elements

Colorless, Glass Green, Black, White

* Excellent light transmission and brilliance
* Easy to fabricate, machine and thermoform
* Available in sheet and tube
* Wide color array
* Wide application range
* Weather resistance
* Light weight – about half the weight of glass
* 11 times the impact strength of glass