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Aquarium Manufacturing


Total Plastics works closely with many of the industry’s top aquarium manufacturers and aquarium fabricators as their trusted source for clear cell cast acrylic sheet and tube material. We source our material and stock the brands you trust, including ACYRLITE, Polycast and Chemcast. Total Plastics also carries tubing products, adhesives, silicone sealants, polishes and material for stand and cabinetry design (colored cast acrylic, HDPE and plastic laminates).

* Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet
* Cell Cast Acrylic Tube
* Colored Cast Acrylic
* Vinyl Tubing
* PVC Tubing
* Polycarbonate Sheet & Tube
* Egg Polystyrene (white & black)
* Adhesives
* Polishes
* Silicone Sealants
* Plastic Laminates