Clear Acrylic Rod & Tube


ACRYLITE® acrylic rods and tubes are the clearest on the market today delivering brilliant quality, superior performance, and extended durability. ACRYLITE® rods and tubes are characterized by their flawless optics, perfectly-smooth surface free from striation. The optical clarity of ACRYITE® rods and tubes allow for a clear view of details making them well suited for store fixtures and point-of-purchase displays. ACRYLITE® tubes are suitable for food contact under 21CFR177.1010 and are ideal for food displays.

Clear, Satinice (frosted), White, Light White

• Clear, distortion free viewing
• Dimensional accuracy and excellent circularity
• Superior UV resistance and weatherability
• 30-year non-yellowing warranty
• Enhanced chemical resistance due to higher molecular weight
• 11X stronger than glass for safe, strong installations
• Half the weight of glass for maximum design flexibility