Clear Interlocking Table Partition


In response to the worldwide COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) pandemic, Total Plastics has been developing custom products to support virus containment efforts and limit exposure when social distancing may not be feasible. One such example is TPI’s table dividing panels.

This product is an ideal solution as a partition on large tables (6-8 foot), such as in conference rooms, cafeterias, libraries and common areas. The panels interconnect and can be disassembled and stored away when not in use.

The clear panels allow for excellent light transmission and will not obstruct visibility between individuals. For applications where visibility is not required or privacy is necessary, panels can be constructed from opaque or semi-opaque (frosted) material.

Standard panel height is 18 inches tall. Panel configuration can be custom run to fit table size, including length, width and total number of cross panels.

Clear, Satinice (frosted), White, Light White

• Multiple configurations to fit different table
sizes and compartment needs
• Lighter weight than glass
• Product can be broken down and stored when
not in use
• Excellent light transmission on clear material
• Opaque and semi-opaque for privacy
• Custom panel sizes available
• Smooth polished edges and corners
• Easily cleaned and disinfected
• Material will withstand day-to-day use
• Product comes ready-to-install