ECOGEHR® C-L is comprised of the wood components cellulose, natural fibres, lignin and fatty acids. It possesses many interesting properties that together are very similar to the natural material wood. Consequently, this material is very pleasant to the touch, produces high-quality sound and is easily workable. It also has a high degree of rigidity (tensile
module of elasticity up to 4248 MPa). Clearly, its advantages compared with waxed wood lie in the material’s homogeneity. Whereas wood displays density variations resulting from growth rings or imperfections (branches), ECOGEHR® C-L provides an isotropic material texture and reproducible properties. This 100% renewable material is largely neutral in
terms of its CO2 balance, and like wood it can be disposed of via decomposition or burning.

Due to its composition and its properties similar to those of wood, C-L is used where wood needs to be replaced by a homogeneous material and where traditional plastics do not meet the requirements. The material is popular in applications where sound and feel
are of primary importance.

* Woodwind instruments
* Drumsticks
* Billiard cues
* Furniture components
* Display construction
* Fashion jewelry
* Writing instruments