ECOGEHR® WPC-30PP is a composite of 70% wood
fibres and 30% polypropylene (PP) as a polymer

Wood-polymer-composites (WPC) – these materials
are composites of standard polymers and wood fibres.
The excellent binding of the wood fibres to the polymer
gives the materials extremely high mechanical strength.
The materials are weather-resistant and can optionally
be given anti-bacterial, fungicidal and UV-resistant

WPCs display the highest tensile strengths among the
ECOGEHR® materials. This also results in their having
the most areas of use. They are also used wherever
there is a need for a material similar to wood, but where
wood is unsuitable due to its susceptibility to the

* Terrace decking, no splintering
* Rope ladder rungs, non-slip surface
* Crossbow bolts, high strength
* Playground equipment
* Writing implements
* Park benches

* extrememly high mechanical strength
* weather-resistant
* can be anti-bacterial, fungicidal, and UV-resistnat propeties