EXTREN® is a proprietary combination of fiberglass reinforcements and thermosetting polyester or vinyl ester resin systems. It is produced in more than 100 standard shapes and all shapes have a surface veil to protect against glass fibers penetrating the resin surface in service, and to increase corrosion and UV resistance.

EXTREN® is offered in three series designed for different environments and applications.

*SERIES 500*
An all-purpose series utilizing an isophthalic polyester resin system with UV inhibitor.

*SERIES 525*
An all-purpose series utilizing a fire retardant isophthalic polyester resin system with a UV inhibitor.

*SERIES 625*
A premium series both fire retardant and highly corrosion resistant utilizing a vinyl ester resin system with a UV inhibitor.

Series 500: Olive Green
Series 535: Slate Grey (plus certain hand rail and fixed ladder components in Yellow)
Series 625: Beige

* UV Resistance
* Corrosion resistant
* Low conductivity – thermally and electrically
* Non-magnetic – electromagnetic transparency
* Lightweight
* High strength
* Dimensional stability
* Low maintenance