GEHR® PVDF (Kynar®)


Polyvinylidene fluoride offers a higher tensile strength, pressure resistance and dimensional stability than the related PTFE, but friction and insulation properties are lower. PVDF has a high mechanical strength and toughness at lower temperatures and is self-extinguishing. The temperature ranges from -22 °F to +300 °F.

* Pumps
* Rotation disks
* Valves
* Glide tracks
* Cog wheels
* Fittings
* Chemical processing

* Higher tensile strength, compressive strength and dimensional stability than unreinforced PTFE
* Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion is 6.6 x 10-5 in. / in. / °F+, moisture absorption is < .04%, therefore the material is very dimensionally stable
* Very good impact and abrasion resistance
* Excellent nuclear radiation resistance
* Material of choice for high purity fluid handling
* High UV resistance and self-extinguishing
* FDA compliant, USDA & USP Class VI compliant