LEXAN™ H6500 Sheet


LEXAN H6500 sheet is an opaque, solid, low-gloss PC/ABS blend that delivers high stiffness for railway sidewalls, tables and seating.

Its sustainable flame retardant performance meets the requirements of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive and it delivers non-chlorinated and non-brominated product technology. The material can be thermoformed at a lower temperature than traditional PC materials. Its molded-in color capability avoids the cost and environmental hazards of secondary painting and provides excellent aesthetics.

• Bromine & Chlorine free flame retardancy
• Excellent fire rating and stiffness
• 10 – 20% low gloss (vs Standard PC)
• Higher stiffness
• Excellent color capability

Complies with:
* ASTM E162
* ASTM E662
* UL-94 VO
* International Smoke Toxicity Standard (BSS7239)
• French NF16101: M1 F1 norm at 2 – 4 mm
• European CEN/TS45545 R6 (Seating) norm
• Polish norms for side wall and ceiling applications
• PN-K-02512, PN-L-02501, PN-K-02505 & UIC564-2, 7-11-15

• Side Walls
• Tables
• Seats